What’s a LAN party?!

A LAN (Local Area Network) Party is an event that brings gamers together for good clean fun! Participants bring their own computers, connect to a local network, and play with and against other gamers for fun, for prizes, and for glory!

We play all variety of games, from first-person-shooters to strategy games, MOBAs, and more! We eat chips, drink soda, and we spend all night having fun – CLEAN fun. Durango LAN Parties (DLP) was founded on the premise of being a clean alternative activity to other things that kids could be doing with their evening. Drugs and alcohol are explicitly forbidden at every DLP event. There’s no tolerance for any “adult” content either (video-game violence aside).

If you’re interested in knowing more, please feel free to contact us! I can be reached at [email protected], or you can talk with the entire community at our Facebook Page (link). For now, our discussions largely take place on the Facebook group.

If you’re interested in seeing this event in person, click here to see details about the next event!

We’re glad you visited us, we love to see new faces!

Your host,
-Bryce “Mogo” Masse