What is Durango LAN Parties?
Durango LAN Parties is the name of a group of people in Durango, CO that love to get together from time to time and hold LAN parties. All official Durango LAN Parties events last all night long, usually on a Friday or Saturday, have massive quantities of snacks, serve nothing but soft drinks containing high amounts of caffeine, and are a blast.

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What is a LAN party?

A LAN party is an event, usually held at someone’s house, in which other people will travel potentially great distances with their computer and necessary peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse, 10-piece speaker system, etc.). Once at the location of the event, everyone sets up their computer and attaches it to a network, thus allowing the all-night networked computer games to be played. To bribe people to come, often the host will serve dinner, snacks, and beverages and provide the electricity.

When did it all start?

Durango LAN Parties was started in the summer of 1999 at Senor Buff’s house for his 18th birthday. The idea was brought up that rather than watch a movie (Spaceballs was chosen) all night long, bring your computer and play games instead. Back then Wixx had the coolest, tricked out system: A Pentium-166 with 64 MB of RAM and a Voodoo2 3D accelerator. That night the founders played Quake 2 all night long and realized the next day they had started something that was good and would last. Three people attended the first party; as of this writing, the biggest party ever held had over 55 people computers!

Why LAN parties?

LAN parties are the safe and clean alternative to otherwise “dirty” activities. They’re safer than drugs, alcohol, and tobacco as these substances are never permitted at any time during a Durango LAN party. They provide a social event for hopeless computer geeks who would otherwise be locked up forever in their rooms. They prove that video game violence is nothing by media hysteria as none of the participants at any Durango LAN party have ever murdered someone due to playing thousands of hours of Quake 3.