I have a difficult announcement to make – difficult because I have struggled to come up with adequate words, adequate thanks, and a concrete plan going forward for the DLP.

As of a few weeks ago, Ron “catgh2000” Meier, patron saint of Durango LAN Parties, our host for the last two decades has decided to move on from LPEA. He graciously gave the DLP a home and asked for nothing in return. It’s no small feat of generosity that he gave this to us and I certainly wish him the very best wherever life takes him next. (At the moment, he’s been streaming, follow him! )
If you want to help me in expressing thanks to him, please PM me on Discord or email me, I have a thank you note I want to put together for him.

That leaves the DLP in an odd place. This new situation is a forceful push to change how the LAN parties are run. It changes not only the How but the Where, and Where the DLP will happen is a complete unknown at this time. I’ve begun some discussions with Fort Lewis, but nothing is decided yet. If you want to help out or know of some possible locations with sufficient power and internet for the DLP please get in contact with me in private.

This is not the end. I thank everyone who has come to the DLP and supported it over the last 21 years. Whatever the DLP evolves into, I welcome you all to join in the fun and hope to see you again.

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