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February 15th, 2019

Since the dawn of man, creative games of sport have been a part of the human experience. And from the day that Mayans threw a ball through a stone hoop, we have always desired to do it better, faster, in rocket-driven acrobatic cars.
Join us on the 15th for a night of the pinnacle of human sport, wherein we hunt the most dangerous game: cars. And score some goals along the way.
Other games: Dragon Ball FighterZ, Warcraft 3, Overwatch (small team duels)

Time: 6:00 PM Place: LPEA Boardroom, 45 Stewart Street, Durango, CO
What to bring? BYOC! That means:

  • Your computer

  • Your monitor

  • Headphones

  • A network cable (10′ – 20′ recommended)

  • Mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals

Cost: $10 at the door! Soda and snacks provided! And anyone who stays around until closing at 6 AMĀ and helps clean up will receive $5 back!

Please visit the Facebook event page for more discussion and to let us know if you’re going to attend!

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