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December 21st, 2018

Twas the LAN before Christmas and all through the house,
every gamer was clicking on their gaming mouse.
The n00bs had all gathered to slay the undead,
while visions of killstreaks danced in their heads!

Frag nades were thrown into rooms without care,
in hopes that they’d get kills on some campers in there.
Gamers reduced robots to piles of scrap;
not an enemy was spared in the entire map.

Soda and chip bags flowed late into the night,
and gamers cried out “GOOD GAME TO ALL,

Time: 6:00 PM Place: LPEA Boardroom, 45 Stewart Street, Durango, CO
What to bring? BYOC! That means:

  • Your computer

  • Your monitor

  • Headphones

  • A network cable (10′ – 20′ recommended)

  • Mouse, keyboard, and other peripherals

Cost: $10 at the door! Soda and snacks provided! And anyone who stays around until closing at 6 AMĀ and helps clean up will receive $5 back!

Please visit the Facebook event page for more discussion and to let us know if you’re going to attend!

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